The Pause.


You wake up one day. Out of the blue, you have an impulse to do something. And the longer you ignore it, the stronger it becomes. For most of us, it’s not easy to ignore impulses. Especially bad ones. But what about the ones that your intellect and mind both tell you are right? You have all your moral freedom about them. And once and for all, you follow your impulse. But what happens then? If the impulse was to buy a phone, you love it the first few weeks. If it was to have a chocolate, it’s value suddenly decreases when you’ve had it. But when this impulse is a bigger commitment, or at a larger perspective, then what? What I am talking about is what happened with me over the past few weeks. This blog was born out of an impulse. An urge to share my thoughts. My ideas. My likes and my dislikes. Maybe help a few people. And for the first 10 days or so, I gave my undivided attention to it. And look at it now. This is I guess the first post in about three weeks.
This makes me wonder. What keepa you going? It’s definitely possible to strive hard and believe you can succeed, be it anything. And honeatly, though it might not seem so, I’m passionate and proud about my writing. Then why do we give up?

Maybe because it’s the easier way out.

PS: A somewhat unrelated quote which a friend told me yesterday. I have no idea who said these golden words:

Do whatever you want in life. Just do it well.