The Duality of the Great Indian


Disclaimer : For those who easily take offence, GTFO, right now.  I’m serious. Fuck off. Read on, only, and only if you can take criticism and react positively to criticism.

India is  a multicultural, multilingual, “secular” and *add innumerable “good” adjectives here* country. No, I’m not (yet) criticizing our country. We are a diverse country, and we’re proud of it. Because we live in peace and harmony, right? WRONG. India is extremely good at accommodating our diversity, but there is one sphere that is still far behind. The mind barrier. Yahan do Bharat bastey hain. (Here live two Indias.) There is the average “big town” Joe, who likes to have a few drinks on Saturday nights (lol, few), laugh at genuine comedy ( read: Jay Hind!, AIB, TVF, stand ups etc ), watch couple viral awareness videos and then go about his usual week, and talk about how “aware” he has become.
Then there is the other Indian. One who’s unacknowledged by the towner. Or rather, IGNORED. He’s the one who goes about promoting Indian values. Who treats women like shit. One who makes the towner ashamed of his country, and makes him run out of the country like plenty of the NRIs.
Again, to the offended, this is a generalization. Come on, you’re not ashamed of your cuntry!
You should be, BTW, if I didn’t make it clear. Yes, you, silly bastard, you’re the one responsible. Not that other guy. Who? The big town Joe. He sits on his fat ass, spending his father’s money, complaining about the government, and his country’s people. And then run off in his little Hyundai i10 or for the empowered, the big ol’ Mercedes.What have I done, you ask? SIT ON YOUR FAT ASS ALL LIFE LONG, MOTHERFUCKER, THAT’S WHAT YOU DID! Awww, you feel guilty, don’t you? You don’t? Get the fuck out then, criticize me now! Don’t read the rest of it, just take shit out of context, and kill me with it!

That was pretty intense, wasn’t it? No, that was just a little demonstration of the rage inside the “enlightened” Indians. Who? Those who care. But we sit on our arses, and crib. Complain. And go about, because it doesn’t affect you directly, and you have your whole life to live. First, you’ll do your degree and watch a couple people get consumed by rapes and violence. Then do a job/start a business. And watch a couple more get consumed. Then grow old and say “I’m too old for this shit, I’m gonna die soon anyway!”
This is our problem. Innumerable NGOs, yet not enough for the huge country that is ours. We need our people. We need our people to come together and protest, just like the Delhiites did for Nirbhaya. I feel, the only people outside of dedicated social work, making a difference, are our comics. We have plenty of things to work for! Neither are the comics, nor the NGOs enough. We won’t be able to make a difference till we come together. It’s my humble request to my fellows. Get up, stop worrying about your future, ’cause it’ll be as fucked as it is today, if you don’t get up and do something.